I'm Brittany MacLeod

I’m a Nova Scotia based interior designer & AirBNB host who specializes in creating amazing spaces full of life; I'm also a happy wife, & mom to two incredible kids!

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It's been eight years since I was the girl working the Starbucks drive through, daydreaming about the future. That someday I would be on the other side of the counter, ordering my drink and sitting down at a coffee shop to work on my OWN business. I didn't see it at the time, but those earlier years of my life taught me so much about what I love today, which is connection and passion. Luckily, these are two things I get to experience almost everyday on this journey of being an entrepreneur! Although Starbucks wasn't my dream job, it highlighted my love for genuine connection with people, which is something that is so important to me as a business owner today. It also fuelled my own passion in a way that nothing else had before. It made me so hungry to chase my dreams! 

fast forwrd eight years later and I AM LIVING EVEN LARGER THAN MY DREAM! 

I have been a full time wedding photographer (and go getter) for almost six years now. Although photography will always be the foundation of my business, I've come to realize that life is just more fun when you're trying new things (I'm a seven on the enneagram for all you personal development gurus). So if I'm not behind the lens, capturing beautiful moments or pretty things, you can find me flipping houses (so far I only have one under my belt but there is more coming down the line), decorating rooms, creating content for the gram or teaching workshops! I am passionate about pursuing dreams and knowing your purpose, because I know with every fibre of my being that we ALL have both. I feel very blessed to know that MY purpose, is serving others through experiences (no matter what my job description is) and inspiring people through my art and teaching (we're still working on the teaching dream).

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Random Facts about me:



I married my husband at 19 years old



I have two kids named Aker & Posey



I run an airbnb in Cape Breton



I’ve never been stung by bee... yet



I make up songs to remember my client’s names!